Talana Clasp Queen’s South Africa Medal


1st Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps. The Battle of Talana Hill, also known as the Battle of Glencoe, was the first major clash of the Second Boer War dated, 20th October 1899.

Farquahars Farm

Farquahars Farm

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Anglo Boer War Queen’s South Africa Medal with Cape Colony, Talana Clasp, Orange Free State, Transvaal Clasps – King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Named to: 1140 PTE H POLLARD. K. R. R. C. 
Thomas Pollard was an 19 year old collier, born in Brightside, Sheffield when he attested into the King’s Royal Rifle Corps 3rd October 1898. His papers, which are on-line, show that he was currently serving in the York and Lancaster Regiment when he attested. His QSA and the clasps are confirmed on both the medal roll and on his service papers. He was also awarded the King’s South Africa Medal with the 01 and 02 clasps. The medal is named to H Pollard which is an error and this error is confirmed on the medal roll. 
Thomas Pollard was posted Missing in the action at Farquahar’s Farm 30th October 1899. The Morning Post 04 November 1899 Official Despatches confirm his being missing in the Ladysmith Casualties column.Thomas Pollard went on to serve in the KRRC in the Great War. He was awarded the 1914 Star Trio and his card states that he entered France 13th August 1914. He was wounded in action by gunshot on the 29th October 1914 He was shot in the finger and returned to action after convalescing. He was discharged September 1915 at the age of 38 years.His address on his papers is given as 47 Creswick Street, off Lancet Street, Sheffield.






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