7th Hussars Gallantry Medal Group


7th Hussars Gallantry Medal Group Very Low Number.

4 PTE. B. C. SAVILL 7TH Hussars.

4 PTE. B. C. SAVILL 7TH Hussars.

1914/15 Star Trio, I.G.S.M. 1908 (3 clasp), M.I.D.  L.S.G.C. and M.S.M

Great War Service Number 4. Served in the Cavalry, Tank Corps and The Indian Army. With 3 bar IGSM including Mahsud.

3 Clasp IGSM with Mahsud

3 Clasp I.G.S.M.

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7th Hussars Gallantry Medal Group.  Superb cavalry gallantry group with very low service number–
1914/15 Star Trio, IGSM 1908 (3 clasp), LSGC and Meritorious Service Medal group of 6 named medals mounted on a bar


7th Hussars Medals

Trio named to:- 4 PTE. B. C. SAVILL 7TH Hussars. 
India General Service Medal with Afghanistan – N.W.F. 1919, Mahsud 1919-20 and Waziristan 1919-21 Clasps named to:- 1111 CPL. B. C. SAVILLE. DIV. SIG.
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal named to:- SJT. B. C. SAVILE I. S. C.
Meritorious Service Medal (GV) named to:- 4 PTE. – L. CPL. B. C. SAVILLE. 7 – HRS.

7th Hussars M.I.D.

7th Hussars M.I.D.

Benjamin Charles Saville’s Medal Index Card confirms the Great War Trio and the IGSM with the 3 clasps. He also served in the 7th Hussars as 532864 as Sergeant.
Tank Corps Service papers confirm his service numbers of 4 and 532864. The papers also confirm that he served in the Mesopotamia Theatre of War from 25th November 1915. His M.I.D. and M.S.M. and L.S.G.C are also confirmed on this document. Lastly the document confirms that he ended his career with exemplary service at the rank of Company Quarter Master Sergeant, pensioned form 21st January 1928.
The medal roll for the IGSM confirms the 3 clasps. It also confirms that he served as 1111 Sjt “F” DIV. SIG. CORPS. Issued by the Government of India.
Meritorious Service Medal announced in the Edinburgh Gazette 22nd February 1921 p.288. in connection with operations of the Waziristan Force, India. The Index Card for the MSM India confirms that he served 7th Hussars as Lance Corporal with the Regimental number 4.

Mentioned in Despatches Gazetted in the London Gazette 10th June 1921 for distinguished service during the operations in Waziristan 1919-10. The group is missing the M.I.D. emblem.
This has been a much loved group of medals. The ribbons have deteriorated badly to the extent that the LSGC and MSM have come loose from their ribbons. The clasps on the IGSM are loose.
Benjamin Charles Saville was born in Leytonstone, London and lived originally at 24 Florence Road. When he was 18 years and 11 months he enlisted into the Essex Regiment (No 9439) on the 23rd October 1906. His service papers confirm that he transferred into the 7th Hussars on the 3rd January 1907. The papers also reveal that he had a brother, Arthur, also serving in the 7th Hussars.
He died 2nd October 1958, according to the Death Notice, at St. Luke’s Hospital, Guildford, Surrey. His address at the time of death was 103 Old farm Road, Guildford. He had been a Postman in Guildford according to the 1939 Register.